Thursday, June 22, 2017

Best practices for making effective Instagram ads in MailChimp

Best Practices for Creating Instagram Ads in MailChimp 

Facebook ads are here!
Now that Instagram Ad Campaigns are live in MailChimp, we wanted to share some best practices that will help you build eye-catching Instagram ads to grow your brand. 
Instagram and Facebook offer a unique opportunity to reach a new audience, but they both have different strengths you'll want to think about when creating your ad campaigns. Instagram is designed to keep people inside the app, so it's the perfect platform to use your best product photography for brand awareness campaigns that complement the conversion-based ads you run through Facebook. 
Designing your Instagram ads in MailChimp is the same experience you already know and love from your email and Facebook ad campaigns. And when you build Instagram ads in MailChimp, you can use your list to find similar people to your existing subscribers. We'll walk you through how to select a pre-built segment or create one of your own to target the right audience. 
Read on to learn how to make the best Instagram ads in MailChimp.
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