Thursday, May 25, 2017

Road Trip for Rescued Dogs

This week's inspiring video: Road Trip for Rescued Dogs
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Video of the Week

May 25, 2017
Road Trip for Rescued Dogs

Road Trip for Rescued Dogs

Twice a month for the past decade, Greg Mahle has taken a five-day, 4,200-mile road trip, one that takes him from his home in Ohio, south to Houston, then north all the way to Connecticut and New York, before heading back to Ohio. That’s more than 1 million miles, or 42 times around the world in total. On the southernmost stretch of his journey, Mahle collects around 80 dogs facing imminent euthanasia. Along the way, 250 to 300 volunteers help to feed, water, walk and play with the animals before they are delivered to pre-arranged homes in the north. Mahle’s Rescue Road Trips saves an estimated 2,000 animals from euthanasia each year.

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